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Monday, June 8, 2009

bigger better posters!

Since the April Kraftbomb we have been proud to have a bigger, better and brighter street presence each month with our fantastic LARGE Kraftbomb posters. We've come a long way from the A3 posters we started out with nearly a year ago, they seem so small now!

The Profile Plus poster boys have been hard at work putting our new big posters up each month and we think they not only look great, they are definitely helping us get a whole new lot of visitors to Kraftbomb who perhaps hadn't heard of us before!

So keep an eye out for the posters around town. The June posters will be up very soon!

Here are some more shots of the May posters (photos courtesy of Profile Plus)


Bam Bam Creative said...

is there a prize for guessing where the posters are...?
I call K'rd, down the side of Real Groovy and Symonds St!

The posters look great, and are really easy to spot!

RUOK said...

Wow they look huge! and fantastic.
:) x