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Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Best Intentions

Our intentions for Kraftbomb were to create a happy, sharing and fun craft experience for everyone involved where people can buy quirky, different and quality handmade crafts! (please don't be offended if you don't fit into this category) We have received a few upset emails from people who we haven't been able to fit in, if you are one of these people please don't send us shitty emails, it is not personal, we are doing our very best. I don't know if anyone comprehends how hard we work trying to organise Kraftbomb. We receive soooooo many applications and we only have limited space and basically have to turn away half of the applicants, not something we like to do. And just because you apply does not mean you automatically are guaranteed a table. We hate having to be the mean guys....We aren't bad people, we aren't disloyal and we aren't cruel, we are just trying to run this like a business. We don't make any money from this aside from what we make selling our crafts on the day, all money goes to paying for the venue and advertising.

We hope you understand
Peace, Love and light

Karla and City


R.W.S. said...

"Don't player hate; congratulate!"
You guys are doing a great job. And so says RWS xx

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Hugs hugs hugs Girls! I agree with RWS, you both rock, don't let anyone convince you otherwise!

Anonymous said...

you guys are awesome! kraftbomb is definitly a highlight of every month :D

Anonymous said...

it is so true that people who don't organise events don't appreciate how much hard work goes into pulling these things off. big ups, ladies!!

Alida said...

You guys are awesome!
It makes me sad that you have been getting negative emails from people!

You're doing a great job! Most of us are very appreciative of the work you do!

styler said...

you two are amazing and you;ve created something so special in Auckland
and you know just ignore the haters. If someone has sent you and email like that then you decision to to include this has just been proved even more correct.