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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kraftbomb on Alt TV

It was a busy weekend for Karla and I. As you all know, Kraftbomb is on this coming Sunday 31st August, so we had quite a few promotional things coming up.

Hot on the heels of our appearance in the Auckland City Harbour News, we had an interview on Alt TV on Saturday with the super rad Laura and Jess who host the Think! show.

Karla ended up having to work, tattooing at the Erotica show, so she couldn't make it. Which meant it was just the NZCQ representing the Kraftbomb girls solo. But I took my hubby Chris and George the pug along and George made his tv debut and was so well behaved on camera. I had a great time on the show, I gave away one of my "Eat Cake, Worship Satan" cross stitches and everyone, including the crew, got stuck into the cupcakes I brought along. Best of all, we talked about the amazing crafters we have in Auckland and how many talented vendors will be at Kraftbomb. So it should bring a few extra people to our first show!

So for those of you who were watching and had to wait an extra hour because we told you the wrong time (oops) we are so sorry! But thanks for tuning in and supporting us. Our mate Raggles got his Dad to kindly dvd recorded the interview so hopefully I can figure a way to get it on YouTube for you to all have a giggle at ("mull-lions" was not my finest moment of having a kiwi accent!)

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Anonymous said...

re: eat cake, worship satan, I figured you'd like this:

presumably this girl also loves cake too